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The Bright Connections Contact Centre

We work across different locations in Harlow from OFSTED registered buildings. Our work also expands out from Essex into the surrounding counties.

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"Having used the services of Bright Connection for a while now I feel I am qualified to say how professional, knowledgeable and welcoming they have been. Summary reports of each session and an overview of progress to date have been invaluable in helping me progress my case through the courts. I cannot praise the staff enough for helping make this difficult period as pain free as possible."


"Our court order requested that supervised contact reports be made available to aid in the outcome of our case. Natasha & Ed's detailed and concise reports have helped massively with the progression of our arrangements. Thanks to these reports, my contact has been gradually increased, and the need for supervision has been lifted; moving us onto the supervision of handovers only. Now visitation feels more natural and less stressful, although we do now miss the company of our supervisors! A bittersweet situation."


"Highly recommend Bright Connections! What they offer is not just a service, its support and friendship! Both my children love Natasha and Ed and get excited when they know they are seeing them. The bond they have built up makes the process so much easier and more comfortable. Both Natasha and Ed are sensitive to the situation and are there to help. Cannot recommend enough."


"Thank you to The Bright Connections for their support with contact with my children. It is an extremely difficult and emotional time for both parents and the children so an independent observation is essential. Natasha and Eddie are great with our children and they are always happy to see them. All children need quality time with both their parents in a happy and safe environment, The Bright Connections have assisted for this to be possible and my family will always be grateful."


"Natasha and her team offer an exemplary service. Handovers are handled professionally and I am confident our daughter has a safe and fun session. The opportunity to have community contacts means that father and daughter can bond in a natural setting and enjoy activities they wouldn't if they were restricted to a room."


We offer a range of specifically tailored contacts

Supervised Contact

Supervised contact is the supervision of a child(ren) by a safe adult.

Hospital Contact

Hospital contact is a service that we provide for parent(s) or connected other that have a child in hospital and require supervision while they are there.

Supported Contact

Supported contact is a low level of supervision for parent(s) child(ren) or connected other.

Handover Service

This service enables parents that do not wish to meet with the parent that the child(ren) reside with, to not meet, as staff facilitate the handover of the child(ren).

Gallery of our Harlow facility


  • Fully equipped rooms with age appropriate toys ranging from birth to upwards
  • Baby changing area
  • Toilet facilities that are also suitable for children that are being potty trained
  • Kitchen to make bottles and prepare food
  • Large garden area
  • Sensory Room
  • Disabled Access