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The Bright Connections Contact Centre

We work across different locations in Harlow from OFSTED registered buildings. Our work also expands out from Essex into the surrounding counties.

"I have been using The Bright Connections since its inception. The staff are well organised, friendly, polite, and very accommodating. Most importantly, my child feels at ease with the staff and the centre is safe and well equipped. I would have no hesitation in recommending The Bright Connections Centre to other families."


"Having to go through the motions of fighting for your parental rights and being assigned supervised contact is certainly an emotional and traumatic experience for any parent. Thankfully, having Natasha and Ed from The Bright Connection there to help has made the whole ordeal a lot less intimidating."


"The children and I have formed fond friendships and have no hesitation in recommending their services as a vital means for child contact support, well done Natasha and Ed for providing us with this lifeline service."


"I am grateful to Ed and Natasha for liaising between myself and my child’s father as it enables us to make arrangements for visitation to be as comfortable as possible for my child and myself. They have made an effort to bond with my child also so handovers are easy and for my child as she gets on with them well."


We offer a range of specifically tailored contacts

Supervised Contact

Supervised contact is the supervision of a child(ren) by a safe adult.

Hospital Contact

Hospital contact is a service that we provide for parent(s) or connected other that have a child in hospital and require supervision while they are there.

Supported Contact

Supported contact is a low level of supervision for parent(s) child(ren) or connected other.

Handover Service

This service enables parents that do not wish to meet with the parent that the child(ren) reside with, to not meet, as staff facilitate the handover of the child(ren).

Gallery of our Harlow facility


  • Fully equipped rooms with age appropriate toys ranging from birth to upwards
  • Baby changing area
  • Toilet facilities that are also suitable for children that are being potty trained
  • Kitchen to make bottles and prepare food
  • Large garden area
  • Sensory Room
  • Disabled Access