Who We Are

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About us

The Bright Connections contact centre was developed to support families to establish, enjoyable healthy relationships with their child(ren).

The overarching aim of The Bright Connections is to facilitate and support contact between children and their separated families.

Our Founders

Natasha Gregory

Natasha has over 20 years’ experience within children’s services and started her career within a residential setting as a project worker, supporting young people with complex needs, who had emotional behavioural difficulties and displayed challenging behaviour. Natasha then went on to gain experience working for Local Authorities as a Project Manager. In her role, Natasha worked across the different departments of children services, to include looked after children, leaving and after care, adoption and fostering, where she worked closely with social workers and families, supporting them to have their voice heard and to live independently. Natasha further developed her career, in an independent residential children’s home as an Assistant Manager. Here, Natasha worked with children and their families to achieve positive outcomes, de-escalate volatile situations, support young people with emotional regulation, day to day management of the home and staff, Regulation 44 and OFSTED inspections.

Prior to opening The Bright Connections Contact Centre, Natasha worked as a Contact Centre Manager, where she successfully established and developed the service, achieving an Enhanced National Association Child Contact Centre Accreditation (NACCC). Within her role as Contact Centre Manager, Natasha supervised contact, wrote balanced observation reports and supported parent(s) in building a positive relationship with their child(ren).

Alongside this, Natasha worked in the company's family assessment centre, supporting parents with all aspects of positive parenting, to include; basic care, emotional warmth, stimulation, working with professionals, routine planning and understanding attachment. Included in her role, was writing in depth balanced weekly reports for families and those involved in the care of the child(ren), namely social workers, children’s guardians, assessing social workers and the courts. Natasha also delivered parenting sessions consisting of, The Freedom Programme domestic violence, PAMS, Triple P positive parenting programme, self-esteem, healthy relationships and play therapy.

Natasha has undertaken various training in her career including Advanced Safeguarding, Domestic Violence, Drugs & Alcohol, CSE, therapeutic parenting and Understanding Attachment Disorder, First aid for children, NACCC Coordinator trainIng.

Natasha has completed a degree in Criminology and Social Policy where she achieved a 2:1. Natasha also has a Masters with distinction, in International Events Management.

Edson Flores

Over the past 10 years Edson has worked with families and their children to develop positive relationships with parent(s) and their families. Edson gained a degree in social studies, from where he accumulated knowledge and experience working in a family environment. Edson went on to work at a family assessment centre, alongside social worker’s. Here Edson utilised his knowledge and experience, to support parents in all aspects of positive parenting, to include basic care, stimulation, emotional warmth, routine planning and understanding attachment. Edson delivered parenting sessions to the families, centered on The Freedom Programme domestic violence, PAMS, Triple P positive parenting, self-esteem, healthy relationships. Within Edson’s role at the assessment centre, Edson supported families to establish a support network and worked in partnership with professionals, in improving the outcome for children and their families.

In addition to working at the assessment centre, Edson also worked at the company’s contact centre where he supported parent(s) in establishing a positive relationship with their child(ren). Edson supervised contacts in the centre and also out in the community. Alongside this, Edson wrote balanced observation reports of the families contacts with the child(ren).

Edson’s ability to work collaboratively with partnership agencies and advocate for families where necessary, have been further developed, in his current role as a Peer Worker for CAMHS (Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services).

Edson has undertaken various training in the following areas, Safeguarding children, domestic violence, emotional regulation, child development, conflict resolution, risk management, basic life support, deprivation of liberty (DOLLS).